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About Us

About Us

Welcome to JobsTechy, Pakistan’s leading digital platform for career advancement. We are on a mission to help job seekers find their dream jobs and employers to hire talented candidates. We’re breaking down barriers to help women, men, fresh grads, and homemakers to realize their true potential by becoming financially strong and empowered.

For Jobseekers:

  • We publish up-to-date job opportunities from public and private sector, as well as those advertised in the leading newspapers of Pakistan

  • We offer 20+ online courses to up skill yourself with the most in-demand skills

  • We offer free workshops and webinars with industry experts to prepare you for the changing job market

  • We offer one-on-one online mentoring and coaching opportunities with experts to help you navigate your career path.

For employers:

  • We offer a pool of qualified candidates that you can choose from to speed up your hiring process.

Our Story:

In 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic, Farah Shahrukh, founded a Facebook community “Women of Diversity” to facilitate Pakistani women in becoming financially independent. Farah collaborated with industry experts and coaches to offer webinars, courses, and workshops. As women of a booming freelancing and gig economy, many of the group members kick started their freelancing careers after acquiring essential skills like content writing, social media marketing, and graphic designing.


As the group continued to grow, Farah introduced “Job Opportunities”, a new feature within the group, for women looking to start their careers or progress in their careers. More than 3000 women signed up to the free portal to receive daily emails with job opportunities matching their skills and preferences. We’re proud to say that hundreds of our members found employment through our portal.


As the next step, Farah decided to not only serve women, but every competent Pakistani who wishes to grow professionally, learn new skills, or advance in their career.

Meet our Founder:

Farah Shahrukh is an MBA with several years of corporate experience in the field of HRM. After having her first-born, her corporate career took a back seat, but her passion to encourage and empower others didn’t. She channeled her passion by forming a private and women-only Facebook Group called Women of Diversity to empower women towards the path of financial independence. The group is 20,000 members strong today.

Running the group has taught Farah a few things:

  • Pakistani women are incredibly talented with immense potential.
  • With the right opportunities, mentorship, and tools, our people can reach amazing heights.
  • It’s high time to have a platform where job seekers and employers can connect.
  • The moment has come to work for both male and female job seekers and learners.

Our Mission:

To provide excellent career support to every Pakistani, from acquiring new skills to finding their dream job.

Our Vision:

To become the best online skill development and career support provider in Pakistan, and beyond.